How long does it take for the self-service camera to take photos?

When the self-service camera is taking photos, most of the friends also want to be able to take photos that are particularly good-looking. In life, they may use a variety of different software to make a comprehensive picture beautification, and also want their photos to look better. How long does it take for the self-service camera to take the autograph photos? The answer is: 1-3 minutes

1. When photographing all kinds of certificate photos with self-service camera equipment, it is necessary to take all kinds of certificate photos reasonably. All the high-definition cameras are equipped with some advanced functions. The system can take the required qualified photos in combination with the actual situation.

2. Read ID card information the public security organ can fully authenticate the relevant ID card reader, and can effectively and quickly identify the ID card information.

3. Accurate shooting effect in the existing shooting process, there are 18 million pixel cameras, the maximum resolution can also be improved, which can guarantee the quality of all photos in the actual shooting.

4. Electric adjustable height seat can adjust more buttons through some height on the equipment to achieve the best shooting effect.