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Self-service copy printer coin operated self-service copy pr

Advantages and functions of self-service printing and copying equipment:

Product function

Copy documents: put the required documents in the red capture area to scan.

ID card copy: put the second generation ID card on the sensor to sense and read the pictures on both sides of the ID card.

U disk printing: insert U disk to quickly identify word, PDF, JPG and other files, and print them.

Double row printing: two times of scanning, printing materials and certificates on the same page (the maximum scanning width is the size of A4 paper).

E-mail printing: log in to QQ e-mail or 136 e-mail to select word, PDF, JPG and other files, and print them.

Mobile printing: you can select to print word, PDF, JPG and other files by scanning the QR code with wechat.

Payment method: support WeChat, Alipay, coin payment.

Background functions