Product introduction, functional features and operation process of self service certificate and license equipment

1、 Product introduction

The operation of the self-service camera is simple. Just like looking at the mirror, the photographer can aim at the frame of the human face on the mirror screen, and complete the shooting by himself through the text and voice prompts on the screen, which is easy to understand. The photos can be displayed on the computer screen. If you are not satisfied, you can continue to take until you are satisfied. The whole photographing process only takes about 1 minute. Press the print key, the photos will be printed immediately, and the electronic photos will be automatically stored in the designated photo library. There are voice assisted prompts throughout the photo taking process, and electronic system is used for sitting posture, expression, hair style, photo background, etc. once unqualified, the machine immediately has text and voice prompts, and the whole photo taking process can be easily completed through voice prompts.

2、 Features:

1. Highly intelligent: automatic light control, automatic portrait positioning, automatic photo processing, automatic auxiliary prompt system, automatic lifting chair, the applicant can complete the photo taking only according to the prompts.

2. High quality control: according to the requirements of different certificates and different standards, the photos can be processed and tested. The photos can not only meet the requirements of the public security department for the quality of digital portrait, but also meet the requirements of various certification equipment.

3. Convenient and fast: the portrait collection system is simple and easy to understand, convenient for the masses to operate, and can complete the whole process of photographing, printing and uploading in one minute.

4. Seamless link: photos can automatically enter the digital photo quality detection system or designated private network through the data exchange platform.

5. 24-hour unattended: the portrait collection system is fully automatic and can set the on-off time without manual attendance

3、 Function

1. Swipe identification: swipe the second generation ID card to quickly identify the ID card information.

2. Take photos: professional digital camera, high-definition pixel, three photos can be taken at a time to provide options, not satisfied can be taken again.

3. Photo processing: adopt pattern recognition technology to automatically cut photos through face location, adjust portrait tilt, automatically remove background and automatically adjust color.

4. Quality inspection: according to different types of certificate photos, carry out photo inspection according to the corresponding signs, for example: the second generation card is processed and tested according to the ga461-2004 technical requirements for digital photos used for the preparation of resident identity card, and the Hong Kong and Macao pass is processed and tested according to the GA / T 1180-2014 technical requirements for digital photos of entry-exit documents shall be handled and tested, and the driver's license shall be handled in accordance with the technical standard for digital photos of motor vehicle driver's license of the people's Republic of China.
5. charge: support banknote / WeChat payment / Alipay
4、 Operation process:
1. The masses take photos by reading the identification photos pasted on the outside of the machine. There are vanity mirrors on the front of the machine. After finishing the hair style, headdress and clothes, they enter the camera.
2. The infrared induction trigger is installed in the machine. Once someone enters, the light camera will be activated automatically, and the height of the human image will be located automatically by using the human image recognition technology, and the height of the seat will be adjusted electrically, so as to adapt to the people of different height.

3. Select the type of certificate photo, start taking photos, and the system will take photos automatically.

4. The system automatically processes the photos according to the standard, and finally presents them to the photographer in the form of processed photos for selection.

5. Collect currency and charge according to the preset unit price. (the charging standard can be set by user)

6. The system will automatically upload the selected photos to the corresponding certificate photo detection platform and return the photo acceptance number.

5、 Scope of use

License pass self-service certificate camera can be used to collect ID card, passport, Hong Kong and Macao pass, driver's license, social security card, student card and other certificate photos, and can be placed in various public places such as license hall, service center, driving school registration hall, social security center, shopping mall, etc. of the public security department.